VND Communication & Electronic Engineering Ltd-2994 0606, Govt Security Lic No. 1398 Govt. Reg. Supplier 760512
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VND Communication & Electronic Engineering Limited
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PABX, Intercom, Security, CCTV, Access Control, Attendance, EM Lock, CABD System, Satellite TV, Car Park Barrier, Networking
VND Communication & Electronic Engineering Limited

Established since 2007, Specified in Communication Network
Communication Equipment-Panasonic, NEC PABX
Extra Low Voltage - CCTV, Alarm Security, Card Reader, EM Lock, Access Control
CABD, Satellite TV

Modern Terminal - Tsing Yi TV Signal Enhancement 2017
Kowloon True Light Secondary School Panasonic PABX Annual Maintenance 2018
CABD System Repairing for Tsang Shiu Tim Home for the Elderly 2017
China + Taiwan HD Satellite TV Dish
Mobile GPRS 2/3G Fingerprint / Card reader
Replacement of TV Antenna at Shun Ning Road Cheung Sha Wan 2019